Food Drives Being Held to Celebrate Co-op Week/Credit Union Day

Atlantic credit unions serve approximtely 304,500 members at 166 points of service, and have been ranked #1 in customer service excellence for 13 years consecutively by an independent survey of Canadians. Staff at the 49 credit unions in Atlantic Canada are very dedicated to supporting their local communities and providing members with a focused approach to achieving their financial goals.

Because Atlantic credit unions are truly committed to the well-being of their communities and recognize that hunger is a very real and serious issue, many of them will be holding food drives on various dates throughout the month of October. These food drives, in support of local food banks, are just one of the ways Atlantic credit unions will honour their commitment to the well-being of their communities.

Atlantic credit unions will join 235 million credit union members around the world to celebrate Co-op Week (October 15th to 19th) and International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 18, 2018.