OMISTA Heritage Court Branch to Close

OMISTA Credit Union wishes to advise of the pending and unforeseen closure of one of our Moncton branches. Due to the unexpected termination of our lease with short notice, we will consolidate the branch into our Mountain Road and Cornhill Street locations. The last day of business at Heritage Court will be in early August.

Our Heritage Court branch, or “the Court” as many employees and owners alike have affectionately called it, was opened in 1986 as OMISTA’s second branch in Moncton. Throughout its 26-year history, the branch became a key part of OMISTA’s growth and financial success, which continues to this day.

Each one of our Heritage Court employees will move to either Mountain Road or Cornhill Street. Both branches are within a short drive of Heritage Court and offer free parking, so we do not expect this to be a significant inconvenience. Our newly located employees look forward to continuing to help owners reach their financial goals, and serving them at whichever branch is most convenient.