Victory Credit Union Sponsors Light Up Your World Program

During the week of January 30th, grade 8 students at West Hants Middle School (WHMS) will be participating in the Light Up Your World program.

Light Up Your World™ (LUYW™) is a series of three significant workshops specifically written for grades 7 and 8 students. Although this age group is targeted, it should be noted that LUYW has been taught to people of all ages, including adults and in many different settings. The three workshops challenge the students in important areas of their lives at a very strategic time in their development. It gets underneath the issues of bullying, low self-esteem, and often intermediates incorrect perceptions of themselves and their value in this world. It teaches peer-mentoring and goal setting, empowering them to become world changers NOW!

LUYW’s goal is to impart value in every student and empower students to impart value to others,  to give students strategies on how to make a positive difference in their world and to enable students to see themselves as world changers and begin walking as a world changer NOW!

The Light Up Your World workshops are very lively, challenging and interactive. Through the use of drama, games, media clips and small group activities students are quickly engaged.

Victory Credit Union is proud to be bringing this program to West Hants Middle School and look forward to hearing feedback from parents and students once the program has been completed.

To learn more about the Light Up Your World Program, please visit their website at If you would like to provide feedback regarding the LUYW program, please contact Tracy Comeau at Victory Credit Union.