Sponsorship Request Form

Sponsorship Request

Please read the following and complete all the fields in the form to the right. Please complete a separate Sponsorship Request Form for each sponsorship you are requesting.

Thank you for considering Atlantic credit unions for support of your organization, cause, or event. We have a vested interest in community initiatives and the lives of our credit union members. Unfortunately, we cannot always meet every request, but will carefully review each one and consider our available resources to meet the needs of the community.

Please use this form to request support from the Atlantic Region group of credit unions, a Provincial group of credit unions, or an area of credit unions (ie, Labrador only, or Cape Breton Credit Unions).

If you are seeking sponsorship from an individual credit union, we encourage you to directly approach that credit union.

Timing your request

Please complete this form a minimum of six (6) weeks prior to your event. Identify any print or advertising deadlines. We will await further supporting information to accompany this request. You may submit online, or mail, fax, or e-mail sponsorship requests to us (please see Contact Us for additional contact information). Please allow a response time of 21 days following the receipt of your completed forms. If you have any questions about completing this information, please submit your questions to CSR@aclsm.ca or contact us by phone at (902) 453-0680.

Sponsorship, Donation, Support…?

Sponsorship: refers to the presentation of the credit union(s) in the public view as a sponsor for a specific event, activity or initiative. Sponsorships involve a strong element of public relations and media exposure.

Donation: refers to the provision of financial or other benefits with direct recognition of the credit union(s).

Advertising: refers to the placing of print, online, or other advertising relative to a specific event, occasion or activity. Every request for advertising must include circulation region and quantity in the details field.

Support: refers to utilizing the credit union(s) as a collection/drop off point for donations and other such types of activities.

Please note Atlantic Central is acting only as an agent for Atlantic Credit Unions, and is not the sponsor. Therefore, all recognition should be directed towards Atlantic Credit Unions, or Credit Unions of the applicable province, and not Atlantic Central. Thank You!