Credit Union Scholarships & Bursaries

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More Scholarships and Bursaries Offered by Atlantic Credit Unions

Most of the following scholarships, bursaries and awards require that the student have some affiliation with the credit union, either by being a member or being related to a member. Follow the links provided to get the individual criteria and deadlines.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Credit Unions

  • Harry M Daley Memorial Bursaries ($3,000) 8 awarded  Administered by NBTA Credit Union – for more information, click here.

Advance Savings Credit Union

  • Advance Savings Credit Union Bursary ($1000) up to 5 awarded

For more information click here.

Bayview Credit Union Limited

  • Roy Mackin Memorial Scholarships ($1000) minimum of 4 awarded
  • Bayview Credit Union Staff scholarships ($1000) 2 awarded

For more information click here.

Beaubear Credit Union

  • Beaubear Credit Union Founders Bursary ($1000) 2 awarded

For more information click here.

NBTA Credit Union

  • NBTA Credit Union Education Awards ($1000) 5-7 awarded

For more information click here.

OMISTA Credit Union

  • OMISTA Credit Union Bursary ($500)

For more information click here.

Progressive Credit Union

  • E. Carl Jamieson Bursary ($1000)
  • Ralph V. Burtt Bursary ($1000)
  • Starr Morin Bursaries ($500 each) 4 awarded
  • Progressive Credit Union Bursaries ($500 each) 2 awarded

For more information click here.

Prince Edward Island

Évangéline-Central Credit Union

  • Evangeline Credit Union Scholarships ($2,000)

Provincial Credit Union

  • Provincial Credit Union Bursaries ($1500 each) 5 awarded to Charlottetown high school graduates.

For more information click here.

Souris Credit Union Ltd

  • Souris Credit Union Ltd. Scholarship ($ 1,800 each)
  • Souris Credit Union Ltd. Eleanor Clinton Memorial Bursaries ($1,800 each)
  • Souris Credit Union Ltd. Margaret Macdonald Memorial Bursary ($ 1,800)
  • Souris Credit Union Ltd. Abby Chaisson Memorial Bursary ($ 1,800)
  • Wayne D. Kane Honorarium ( $ 1,800)

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Nova Scotia

Coastal Financial Credit Union

  • Bursaries to High School Students ($1,000 Bursaries) one awarded at each of 3 local high schools

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  • In addition to our bursaries, we present two graduating students with a $1,500 certificate to our local computer shop. They can purchase a laptop, programs etc. that they need for their post secondary education. We run a promotion called “Play for A’s.” Any mark of 90 or more for each semester the student receives allows them a ballot for the draw. It is a great incentive to keep marks up with a possibility of winning the certificate. One of our employees presents the certificate on graduation night to the winning recipient.

Dominion Credit Union

The winners of this year’s bursaries are:

  • Cassie Ann MacDonald  ($500)
  • Michael Delorey  ($300)
  • Alicia Jobe  ($300)

Province House Credit Union

  • Educational Awards to members’ children ($1000) 3 awarded

Victory Credit Union

  • Victory Credit Union Community Spirit Bursaries
  • Avonview High School graduates (a total of $2000 awarded)
  • Hants North Rural High School graduates (a total of $1000 awarded)

Newfoundland and Labrador

Eagle River Credit Union

  • Eagle River Credit Union Scholarship ($500) 5 awarded – 1 each for students from:
    • L’Anse au Clair to Red Bay
    • Lodge Bay to Cartwright (and Black Tickle)
    • St. Anthony to Rocky Harbour
    • Lake Melville North
    • Deer Lake / Hampden / Pollard’s Point

For more information click here.

Public Service Credit Union

  • Public Service Credit Union Bursary ($500) 3 awarded

Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union

  • Reddy Kilowatt Credit Union Outstanding School & Community Involvement Scholarship ($500) at least one awarded.