Financial Tools and Calculators

Research, advice and discipline—the resources that can lead you to the financial future you want. Choose the appropriate tool below to help you plan for life’s important events. For more guidance, talk to your credit union’s knowledgeable employees.

Home Budget Analysis
Heating, telephone, clothing and grocery bills can seriously affect your cash flow. Without a sensible budget, it can be difficult to keep track. Stay on top of your expenses while building your savings.

Savings Goal
Everyone wants to have a healthy savings account. But how do you get there? See a report outlining when you will hit your target by entering information about your current savings plan.

Savings Calculator
Every little bit counts. Discover how consistent investments to your savings account can help you reach your financial goal.

Rate Comparison Calculator
Compare how much interest your savings will earn at different interest rates. Rates can be obtained by calling your credit union or bank, or by visiting their websites.

Personal Debt Consolidator
Debt consolidation is an excellent way to reduce your monthly payments while satisfying all your credit obligations. See the advantages of combining your credit card bills, auto loans and other installment loans into one payment.

Rent Vs Buy
When trying to decide between renting and buying a home, there is more to consider than just your mortgage payment. Property taxes and other fees should enter into the equation as well. Find out which decision is best for you.

Mortgage Qualifier
You’re in the market for a home, but you’re not sure what you can really afford. Find out how much money you can borrow based on your income, and what your monthly mortgage payments will be.

Mortgage Loan
Would you like to see an amortization schedule for your current mortgage? See how much interest you will pay, your principal balances, and determine the impact of any principal prepayments.

Mortgage Payoff
Increasing your mortgage payment can save you interest. This financial calculator will help you find out just how much. Also, see a complete amortization payment schedule.

Tax Free Savings Account
This calculator is designed to help compare a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) to a Registered Retirement Account (RRSP) and an ordinary taxable savings account.

Cool Million
Want to save $1 million? Of course you do! Print a report that details when you will hit a cool million, simply by entering information about your current savings plan.

RRSP / Retirement Planner
Do you have an RRSP? Use this calculator to determine how much monthly income your RRSP will provide you in your retirement. View the full report to see a year-by-year breakdown.

Retirement Income Fund
A registered Retired Income Fund (RRIF) plays an important role in funding your retirement years. Use this tool to calculate different payment options from your RRIF including your minimum required payments.