Your Privacy and Security

Your credit union goes to great lengths to protect your confidential financial information and ensure your personal information is secure. All credit unions have internal review processes and electronic reporting mechanisms to assist in the detection and prevention of fraud. This process ensures that members’ money and financial information are always safe and secure.

Your credit union:

  • has developed comprehensive business continuity strategies to protect its members’ assets in the event of a crisis situation such as a natural disaster, and ensure that necessary banking functions remain available,
  • has great deposit insurance coverage to protect you—better than the banks, in most cases, and
  • handles your personal and financial information with great care. Access to databases is strictly managed, and technological and procedural systems are in place to ensure security is not breached, including carefully safeguarding the physical security of computer hardware and communications.

Click here to download our Member – Privacy brochure containing additional important information.

Related Information:

Always feel free to contact your credit union should you have any questions regarding your accounts or any security issues.