Charitable Giving

Co-operative Social Responsibility – Living Our Values Together

Our deep roots in the values of the co-operative movement shape the decisions we make in our business every day. That’s why we have integrated our Co-operative Social Responsibility programs into our values-based business strategy.

We’re committed to helping our communities grow and flourish by focusing on three important pillars:

Building Financial Inclusion & Resilience

We’re supporting education and offering student bursaries through our Education Bursary Program, Financial Literacy Initiatives and access to financial products, which help every person in our community manage their finances every day and when they encounter challenges along the way.

We know growing our communities starts young: with the children. We’re supporting kids’ health by contributing to various school breakfast programs in the region. When children grow, the future grows with them.

  • Kids Eat Smart – Supporting education, health and well-being of school age children in Newfoundland and Labrador through nutrition programs run by volunteers at schools and community centers.
  • Nourish NS -Supporting students in Nova Scotia to be healthy learners so they can reach their potential in the classroom and in life.
  • Holland College “Food Pantry” Program – Supporting college students to learn with healthy minds.

Investing in the Sustainable Economy

We’re making sure that the decisions we make in our business—from our investments to financial products and managing our environmental footprint—helps to grow a sustainable world for the long-term wellbeing of our communities.

We’re committed to supporting the growth of renewal energy, such as wind and hydro. We have partnered with Bullfrog Power to purchase Renewal Energy Certificates that offset the carbon emissions from the electricity we use in our three corporate offices. This partnership continues to grow as many more Atlantic Canadian credit unions join the partnership each year.

Growing the Co-operative Movement

We know co-operative values of fairness, honesty, trust, and community mindedness are at the heart of good business. That’s why we support the growth of co-operatives and credit unions at home in Atlantic Canada and around the world.

For sponsorship support, our commitment is towards initiatives that support our three pillars. We work directly with credit unions looking for opportunities where we can partner together to support the local community.

Sustainability Reports