From the 2011 Recipients …

“The generosity of Nova Scotia credit unions will allow me to continue to pursue a certificate in Applied Media and Communication Arts at NSCC’s Waterfront Campus […] As a long time credit union member, I am honoured to have been chosen as a recipient of this bursary.”
Elizabeth Woodworth

“This award will help me to maintain my focus on my studies, and not on the financial burden associated with attending school.”
Meris Mosher

“…as a devoted Baking student, a Culinary apprentice and a grateful student who cares for all the staff, faculty and students at our campus, I thank you. If you hadn’t stepped in and helped me in my time of need, I may not be in the great position I am now to overcome financial issues and progress with my career. I will continuously credit you for assisting me in my journey of life.”
Katey Arsenault

“Being a father of three and a student offers both financial and academic challenges. Nevertheless, my experience at NSCC has importantly made me realize the value of a college education. Your support will help me (with) some of the financial burden I am feeling at this time. My plan is (to) continue my business education in the field of accounting. I know this will help make a positive change for my future and for my family.”
William Smith

“This generous award will help me further pursue my passion, which is working with persons with disabilities, and I must thank Nova Scotia credit unions for that.”
Sarah MacDonald

“I am extremely honoured to be one of this year’s recipients of the award. This award has enabled me to no longer worry about my college finances for the rest of this year which allows me to concentrate more fully on my studies.”
Anna Stevens

“Receiving this award means a lot to me because it helps to lighten my financial burden […] I am so pleased to have been selected for this award, it will have a profound impact on my life.”
Emma Campbell

“The Nova Scotia credit unions recognize the struggles students face while earning their education and it is wonderful to see the support offered by this organization. I want to extend a genuine thank you to the Nova Scotia credit unions for awarding me with this generous donation. I have a passion for learning and helping others, and this award brings me that much closer to my goal as a human service worker.”
Chelsey Pellerin

“I wanted to send you a note to thank you for investing in my future […] I wanted to let you know that your generosity truly does make a difference.”
Parker Arsenault